You need a great Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer who can help defend you if you have been charged with a crime or need to appeal a wrongful conviction. Attorney Jason T. Forman, a former prosecutor, has over 19 years of experience in criminal law and criminal appeals. Read the glowing reviews from some of our former clients!  You will know that Mr. Forman is the attorney that you need to help you.

Past Case Results

See how an experienced lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing!

Over the past 16 years, Mr. Forman has represented a diverse group of clients, including family members of people involved in the criminal justice system.  He has even represented other criminal defense lawyers! Indeed, some of our former clients include:

  • 1970’s worldwide celebrity/pop star (criminal)
  • Criminal defense lawyers (criminal related & appeal)
  • Son of a prosecutor (criminal)
  • Son of a circuit court judge (criminal & appeal)
  • Wife of a police legal adviser (criminal)
  • Law enforcement officer (criminal)
  • Teachers (criminal)
  • NBA player’s family members (criminal)

Although the firm practices criminal law, there are times when Mr. Forman was asked to help in other matters, such as when a circuit court judge hired Mr. Forman to help him get a variance for his house, or when some assistants to local judges needed help in other civil matters. Regardless of the situation or who you are, Mr. Forman will help you get the best possible result!  Call us today at 954-527-5557 to see for yourself how we will fight for you!

Our Clients Love Us

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Offices of Jason T. Forman has the experience to provide you with an aggressive criminal defense which is designed to protect you from the criminal legal system.  If you have been arrested or need to appeal your conviction, you need an experienced and skilled lawyer that will make sure that you achieve the best result possible in your case.  Simply put, you need a tough lawyer.  Call us at 954-527-5557 to speak to attorney Jason T. Forman about your case.

Attorney Jason T. Forman has over 19 years of experience practicing in criminal law. He will use his experience and knowledge to develop a viable trial or appellate strategy for you. Regardless if you are charged or convicted with a Federal or State offense, our goal is the same – to get your charges dismissed or overturn your conviction!  This has been our goal for every case since the firm opened over 16 years ago.

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are several ways to help you decide who you should hire to represent you in your criminal case. Simply put, experience and reputation counts. You should never hire an attorney who lacks substantial experience (at least 15 years)  in the area of Criminal Law. With over 19 years of experience, you can rely on our knowledge to help you prepare an aggressive criminal defense or seek to overturn a conviction or plea.  Call us now at 954-527-5557 so we can begin working on your case.

Just look at our client testimonials and you will know we are the right firm for you!  Indeed, we have been trusted to handle legal matters by those who needed it the most.  Take a look at some actual testimonials from REAL former clients. Click here to read testimonials from some former clients of the Law Offices of Jason T. Forman and see for yourself  how highly we are regarded!

Our results also speak for themselves.  Although no lawyer can guarantee or promise a successful outcome in every case, a good criminal defense lawyer with extensive criminal defense experience should be able to provide you with numerous instances of successful results.  We encourage you to see for yourself!  Click here to see some of the successful past results of the Law Offices of Jason T. Forman, located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Now that you know that we are the right  Criminal Defense Firm for you, call us today at 954-527-5557 so that we can start preparing your case. You deserve an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help you fight your charges or seek to overturn a conviction!